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What… what?

Hearth aims to be your decentralized website publisher.

This means that you can publish your personal websites and share files with your friends without relying on third parties, quickly and easily.


Because nobody makes personal websites any more!

Back in the 90s, the web used to be a vibrant place of a myriad websites of different shapes and sizes, but nowadays it feels much more IKEA. Yes, it's much easier to start a blog by signing up with Tumblr, but that means that everything nowadays looks the same and has none of the quirkiness and personality of the old web.

Places like Neocities do good work in helping bring this back, and we wanted to lend a hand and make publishing even easier. That's why we made Hearth, so you can publish your very own, very personal website, without any of the hassle of learning how to upload files or finding suitable webhosts.


To publish your amazing website, drop the folder that contains your index.html/css/js files into the Hearth folder, right-click on the former and select "Copy Hearth link".

You're good to go!

Hearth v0.0.5

Requires macOS 10.12+

Looking for the Windows or Linux versions?

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